Global wind O&M service market to see double digit growth from 2020 to 2024

GWEC Market Intelligence has published the second edition of its annual Wind O&M Service Provider Overview and Database, which shows that the global wind O&M service market is set to experience a major boom over the next five years. While the latest GWEC Market Intelligence market outlook expects a solid 3 per cent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for new wind installations from 2020-2024, the CAGR for the aftersales and service market is expected to be in the double digits over the same period.

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Market to Watch: Offshore Wind in India – Key policy advances can lead to rapid gains for the sector

Onshore wind energy currently stands as the second largest renewable energy sources in India – the world’s third-largest producer and fourth-largest consumer of electricity. Aiming to ensure energy security through the country’s Low Carbon Emission Pathways, there is a clear need for renewables to play a bigger role in diversifying its energy mix, not only to limit the effects of global warming, but also to reduce pollution, create new economic opportunities, and achieve Prime Minister Modi’s vision of ‘Atma Nirbhar Bharat’, or a ‘Self-reliant India’.

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Market to Watch: China’s Offshore Wind Industry Post-2021

From its first 102 MW Donghai Bridge Wind Farm near Shanghai commissioned in 2010, China has since been busy building swathes of turbines at sea with nearly 7 GW of capacity already installed as of December 2019. While China is considered a late bloomer in the offshore wind industry, it is expected to surpass offshore wind pioneers like Germany and the UK in terms of cumulative installations by as early as this year.

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GWEC Market Intelligence releases Global Offshore Wind Turbine Installation Database

As offshore wind continues to accelerate growth into new markets, the industry must keep looking to the future and anticipate growth to avoid any potential bottlenecks and be able to fulfil a growing demand for offshore wind. One potential bottleneck which could slow offshore wind installation is the availability of vessels that are critical for offshore wind turbines installation execution, which is why GWEC Market Intelligence has published its first ever Global Offshore Wind Turbine Installation Database as an important resource for the industry.

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