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New State of the Workforce report by ADP highlights “leaky pipeline” problem

On 16 April 2019, the ADP Research Institute released its
2019 State of the Workforce Report: Pay, Promotions and Retention.  The report includes aggregated and anonymized HR and payroll data of more than 13 million workers in the US. The insights are dismaying, although not altogether surprising:

  • The proportion of women in senior level positions is significantly lower than that of men, with significant disparity at the top three levels of seniority (image below by ADP).

  • Women are promoted earlier than men: The average number of years to first manager promotion for women is 6.6 years and 7.3 years for men. But as they move up to senior management, there is a steep decline in number of women compared to that of men. That means that, despite earlier promotions, there is higher turnover for women beginning at middle-management level.
  • Women earn on average 79 per cent of what men earn. Average wage is $29.03 per hour, with women earning $25 an hour, 79 per cent of the $32 for men. The ratio of women pay to men reaches as high as 82 per cent at the fourth level of management, but drops to 77 per cent at the top levels of the firm. 

The full report is available to download here

Do you have suggestions for  interesting gender-related reports/statistics to include on the blog? Please send your suggestions to, and let us know if this report’s findings correspond to your observations in the wind power industry.  

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