New “Global Trends in the Energy Transition” paper features thoughts from 75 female energy executives 


This month, the all-female Hawthorn Club of women working in energy released a new paper on global trends in the clean energy transition, in partnership with BloombergNEF (BNEF). The paper summarizes the findings from Hawthorn Club’s 2019 Global Summit, which featured 75 female executives working in the energy sector from North America, Europe and Australia.

Among the findings was positive news (and attendant challenges) about wind power driving the clean energy transition:


A clean power system is within sight in all regions, thanks to the rapidly falling costs of wind, solar PV and battery storage. An increasing number of jurisdictions can now see a path to very high penetrations of clean power, whether driven by policy targets, such as in Europe, or changing economics on the grid, as in the U.S. In Australia, “six solar panels are installed on rooftops per minute”. However, all are struggling to find the answers to the same issues, including merchant risk and the impact of negative pricing, the technical impact of renewables on the grid and the social impact of the transition, particularly in Australia and the U.S.

Furthermore, BNEF’s New Energy Outlook 2018 around 50 per cent of energy generation globally would be generated by wind and solar by 2050, based on cost reduction economics:

You can download the paper in full here

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