Neoen nearing construction start at 100-MW Aussie wind farm


French power producer Neoen is getting closer to the start of construction of the first 100-MW phase of the Hornsdale Wind Farm in South Australia.

The project’s Offset Management Plan and Scientific Monitoring and Research Plan were approved by the government in July 2015, as announced on the project website today. Climate Change Minister Ian Hunter said in a separate statement that phase I is seen to be operational in 2017.

The whole wind park will use as many as 105 turbines in the locality of Hornsdale with a combined capacity of up to 270 MW. At the start of this year, Neoen won a power purchase agreement (PPA) for 100 MW of capacity with the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

Minister Hunter stressed that the South Australia government is committed to ensuring the state fully capitalises on the opportunities of transitioning to a low-carbon economy. It is already home to some 40% of Australia’s wind capacity.

The country had 3.8 GW of operational wind parks at the end of 2014, according to the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC).

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