Mexico City, Mexico
4-5 March 2020


Save the Date for our next Mexico WindPower!


Mexico WindPower is the most influential annual event in the wind industry in Mexico and in 2020 will reach it’s 9th edition. It is co-organized by AMDEE (Mexican Wind Power Association), GWEC (Global Wind Energy Council) and Tarsus Mexico. It will be held on the 4th and 5th of March including tracks devoted to policy, market, strategic and technical issues related to this relevant industry.

Call for Abstracts is now OPEN!


A. Topics for Abstracts

  • Wind project design: turbine layout, micro-siting and other innovation
  • Next generation onshore turbine (greater than 4MW) and its impact on LCOE and logistics
  • Development in next generation turbine components
  • Operation and maintenance of wind projects best practices and learnings: special focus on artificial intelligence innovations and power performance
  • Life extension of wind turbines and reliability
  • Supply chain: growth and territorial implantation, logistical challenges and technological deployment
  • Wind project O&M: turbine optimization, wind farm control and AEP increase
  • Wind turbine retrofit and life extension
  • Offshore wind power in Mexico: A case study
  • Design and innovation on wind projects and interaction between R&D and OEMs
  • Storage & hydrogen systems
  • Design and development of hybrid wind and solar solution for power generation
  • Wind power storage system and system integration
  • Digitization: smart turbine, smart wind farm and value creation
  • Grid codes update and performance for electricity system management under large scale variable energy sources integration
  • Impact of transmission and distribution system reinforcement/expansion as an enabler of larger renewable energy installed capacity and minimization of conventional backup
  • Digitization and intelligent grids
  • Best practices and successful management of social issues and community acceptance of wind projects
  • Analysis of the socioeconomic returns of wind power investments for the community: examples and case studies

B. Requirements for the submission

1. Deadlines for submission:

• August 30th., 2019: deadline for submitting abstracts (or the full paper if possible);
• September 10th. to 13th., 2019: authors will be notified about the acceptance of their papers;
• October 18th., 2019: deadline for full paper submission

2. Submission requirement:
• Abstracts can be written in English and/or Spanish. Full papers can also be written in English and/or Spanish;
• Author(s)’ bio(s) and contact information;
• Refer to the link below for the submission required format

3. How will the accepted papers be handled?

• Accepted papers will be available for downloading by
MWP conference delegates; abstracts of the accepted paper will be uploaded to the MWP website and therefore accessible to the public;
• A selected number of authors will be invited to speak at relevant sessions of the conference;
• A selection of the accepted papers will be accepted as posters and placed in the designated poster area
of the expo floor during MWP

The Organisers

Global Wind Energy Council

The Global Wind Energy Council helps open up new markets for wind energy. GWEC has a proven track record of success in helping to build the wind energy industry in emerging markets around the world, including China, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, India, Argentina, and Vietnam

Associacion Mexicana de Energia Eolica

The Mexican Wind Energy Association, AMDEE, was created in 2005 to promote the generation and development of wind energy in Mexico. The association represents wind project developers through its relationship with the authorities, economic sectors and society in general.

Exposiciones Y Concerencias Internatcionales De Negocios

Developer of international business forums in Mexico that produce the most important annual trade shows and conferences in the fields of communication and technology, manufacturing, environment, energy efficiency, concrete construction, food and beverage and plastics industry, among others.

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