Mexico WindPower 2014

In many parts of the world, wind power now competes alongside other conventional power generation technologies.

Mexico as a nation shows great potential in this field, and according to SENER's Energy Secretary (Initiative for the Development of Renewable Energy in Mexico): “Research shows the relevance that wind power is having on Mexico’s technology within the energy sector, with 1,370 MW already in operation and a potential development of 12,000 MW additional competitive farms over the next eight years. This clearly would have a positive impact on the Mexican economy, not only in terms of investment but also in creating jobs, to consolidate sustainable growth, and to potentially detonate an entire industry along with all its value chain.” .

Take advantage of the opportunity to become one of the nation’s pioneers of wind power by participating in the third edition of Mexico Wind Power which will take place in Mexico City on 26-27 February 2014. 

Full event information and registration details can be found on the Mexico WindPower 2014 website

The latest conference programme can be viewed here.

Mexico WindPower is jointly organised by GWEC, AMDEE (Mexican Wind Energy Association) and conference organisers E.J. Krause.

Latest news

Mexico WindPower 2014 will now run on 100% wind energy

100% Wind Power
Mexico WindPower is 100%  powered by wind energy. | Cert No. E0-1402-0036 |© 2013 WindMade asbl

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