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GWEC Members are the leaders of the global wind sector and pioneers of emerging wind power markets across the world. Our members represent the global wind supply chain, including developers, equipment suppliers, service providers, investors, associations, and more.

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GWEC Membership Benefits

Influence the future of the wind industry

Being part of GWEC will give you access to an effective, independent lobby, and will ensure that your company has a place at the table to influence the future direction of the wind industry and GWEC’s strategic focus in opening new markets.

Engage with policymakers across the world

Being part of GWEC will give you access to policymakers and other key stakeholders and institutions in the most relevant markets to create more business opportunities for your company, and influence policies to accelerate the development of wind power globally.

Access exclusive market intelligence

Being part of GWEC will give your company access to best in class market intelligence that is exclusive to GWEC Members and is an important resource for your company to make informed business decisions.

Raise your company's profile

Being part of GWEC will allow your company to raise its profile and be seen as a thought leader and pioneer in the industry, through networking and speaking opportunities at the most important events in the global wind industry’s calendar.

Participate in our strategic Task Forces

Being part of GWEC will give you access to our exclusive Task Forces, which focus on opening new strategic markets for wind power. Participating in our Task Forces means influencing the development of wind power in new markets and having access to the latest insights on market development.

Build your company's global network

Being a GWEC Member means access to a global community of wind power leaders, and our team can connect you with the right contacts to grow your business and build your global network.


Market intelligence, policy analysis, technical expertise

Advocacy & Policy

Communicating the benefits of wind power and working on regulatory frameworks


Sharing best practices and connecting stakeholders

Summits & Conferences

Creating business environments to discuss challenges, find solutions and network

Business Matchmaking

Connecting members to the right people to grow your business

Capacity Building

Establishing strong wind energy associations in emerging wind markets, transferring knowledge to stakeholders


Brazil, China, Mexico, South Africa and India to name a few are currently hot markets with untold potential for businesses in the wind industry.


Join the pioneers of wind and establish yourself as a global company today.


GWEC’s global network is extensive and companies serious about doing business in emerging markets are welcome to join as members.


Our members help to shape our policy priorities and are a voice in determining which new markets to focus on and participate actively in shaping these.

Hear from our Members!

GWEC’s Lifetime Individual members

Vassilis Iliadis, Athens, Greece
Arvinder Singh, Bangalore, India
Isabelle Prosser, Bousval, Belgium
Alberto Gil, Madrid, Spain
Thomas Süßenbach, Flensburg, Germany
V Subramanian, New Delhi, India
Pakkam Dilipkumar, Pune, India
Arun Mehra, Mumbai, India
Alexander Blomfield, London UK
Hikaru Matsumiya, Tokyo, Japan
Ramon Lopez, Madrid, Spain
Axel Ringhandt, Heere, Germany
Anonymous, Gurgaon, India
Ed Montero, Miami, USA
Mathias Steck, Tornesch, Germany
James Smith, Kitty Hawk, USA
Sunil Jain, Delhi, India
Emilio Deagosto, Montevideo, Uruguay
Bernard Mueller, Shanghai, China
Christopher Crosby, Charleston, USA
Horacio Caceres, Cordoba, Argentina
Mathias Thamhain, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Frank Wouters, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Phillips Lemos, Sorocaba, Brazil
Michael Müllneritsch, Graz, Austria
Andreas Jansen, Oldenburg, Germany
Leandro Alves, Washington, USA
Ayushi Sharma, Bangalore, India
Tanis Marquette, Ohio, USA
Karel Vits, Shanghai, China
Ashish Tiwari, Bangalore, India
Rodolfo Area, Palm Beach Gardens, USA
Klaus Rave, Kiel, Germany
Brian Smith, Evergreen, USA
Henrique Quintao Federici, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Kuppuswamy Kothandaraman, Chennai, India
José María Guillot de la Puente, Madrid, Spain
Jaap ‘t Hooft, Alkmaar, the Netherlands
Siraj Ahmed, Madhya Pradesh, India
Arthur Tsai, Taiwan
Tomislav Curkovic, Zaghreb, Croatia
Vilas Warudkar, Madhya PradeshIndia
Esa Peltola, Espoo, Finland
Juan Pablo Saltre, Montevideo, Uruguay
Iza Kielichowska, Brussels, Belgium
Beth O’Brien, Texas, USA
Andrew Garrad, Somerset, United Kingdom
Al Dutton, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
Eduardo Rincón Mejía, Mexico City, Mexico
Bruce Valpy, Swindon, United Kingdom
Ali Cox, London, United Kingdom
Jami Hossain, Gurgaon, India
Gabriela Larranga, Montevideo, Uruguay


Raveen Singh

Business Development and Events Manager
[email protected]

Marina Prado Romera

Membership Relations Officer
[email protected]

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