Annual Global Wind Reports

Global Wind Report 2018

This is the 14th annual report on the status of the global wind industry by the Global Wind Energy Council. It provides a comprehensive overview of the global industry at a specific moment in time; an industry now present in more than 90 countries, 30 of which have more than 1,000 MW installed, and 9 with more than 10,000.

The information contained in this report, market data, profiles and analysis, have been collected primarily through GWEC’s member associations and companies around the world, as well as from governments and independent analysts. 

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Global Wind Energy Outlook

Global Wind Energy Outlook 2016

The Global Wind Energy Outlook 2016 looks at the future of the global wind energy industry out to 2020, 2030 and up to 2050, showing how the global wind industry can deliver in terms of covering global electricity demand, new jobs, CO² reductions, cost reductions and investment rates, offshore development, and more.

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Country Reports

State of the Wind Energy Industry in Argentina 2018

This report provides an accurate overview of the number of current installations, planned projects, and projected installed capacity to 2030. It also comprises an easy-to-understand view of what is RenovAR and its mechanisms to drive electricity auctions forward. We touch on the opportunities that large users have via MATER’s Private PPA’s.

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