Latin America

  Bons Ventos wind farm, Ceará, Brazil  © Suzlon

Brazil led Latin America with 583 MW of installed capacity, pushing the country beyond the 1 GW mark early in the year and ended 2011 with a total of 1,509 MW. Brazil has a strong pipeline of up to 7,000 MW to be installed by 2016, and this has attracted many manufacturers and component suppliers to establish factories, with the idea of supplying not only the Brazilian market, but regional markets such as Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.

 The Argentinian market moved ahead strongly in 2011, installing 79 MW which represents a more than 100% increase in total installed capacity. With its excellent wind resources, Argentina could be a major market if ways could be found to reduce the country risk. Chile installed 33 MW in 2012, with many more projects under construction which should come to fruition in 2012.

 In Central America, Honduras was the big story, with the first big project of 102 MW coming on line. The Dominican Republic (33 MW) and Costa Rica (13 MW) also added capacity in 2011.

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