Knowledge-Transfer Webinar: Permitting, Environmental & Social Impact

This week, the Women in Wind Global Leadership Program conducted its fourth Knowledge-Transfer Webinar of 2020. The webinar focused on the important topic of “Permitting, Environmental & Social Impact” of onshore and offshore wind projects, with a focus on three leading and emerging wind markets: Vietnam, South Africa and the UK.

We welcomed three speakers to the webcast: Ha Do, Senior Partner leading KPMG Hanoi Office, KPMG Vietnam and Cambodia; Titania Stefanus-Zincke, Head Of Economic Development And Socio-economic Development, Mainstream Renewable Power (South Africa); and Sarah Edwards, Development Manager, Ocean Winds.

Ha Do began the presentations by outlining the various stakeholder groups and levels of government which need to be consulted in the wind project development process in Vietnam. She reviewed the various licenses and consents required, estimated timelines and provided an overview of the key challenges faced by foreign investors in Vietnam’s wind sector (below).

Titania Stefanus-Zincke then continued the presentations by providing a comprehensive overview of the stakeholder management and environmental, social and socioeconomic impact assessment for wind projects in South Africa (featured photo above)

In the final presentation, Sarah Edwards shared the unique considerations for permitting, assessing environmental impact of a marine environment and risk areas in the offshore wind sector, based on the experience of project development in the UK (below).

Attendees asked questions about the positive impacts of onshore and offshore wind projects on local communities and marine environments, as well as the impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic on permitting timelines in each market. The one-hour webcast was followed by small-group discussions to reflect on the varying considerations and assessment methods for economic growth, socioeconomic factors and environmental impact of wind projects.

As we near the end of the 2020 Knowledge-Transfer Webinar, keep an eye out for the summary of our fifth webinar later this year!

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