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Knowledge-Transfer Webinar: Negotiation Skills

Last week, the Women in Wind Global Leadership Program held its third Knowledge-Transfer Webinar, where our 2020 mentors and mentees took part in a special longer edition on Negotiation Skills. The 90-minute workshop was facilitated by Kimberlee Centera, CEO of TerraPro Solutions, a renewable energy project development consultancy based in the US.

Kimberlee has delivered several workshops on negotiation skills over the course of her career in renewable energy, which spans more than 20 years. She first provided a few fundamentals for approaching negotiations, before delving into the tactics of setting the scene, knowing your opponent and making the offer.

In this longer and more interactive edition of the webinar, participants were divided into small groups for two rounds of breakout sessions. Each breakout room assigned a rapporteur to summarise the insights and experiences shared among the small groups. Participants discussed a few complex situations regarding job offers, personal values and salary.

At the end of the webinar, Kimberlee provided a few quick-fire responses to questions from the group, including how to “set the scene” for negotiations in a virtual meeting.

The Knowledge-Transfer Webinar received rave reviews from our participants, who were not only equipped with practical advice for negotiations but enjoyed getting to know one another in a small-group setting. 

We hope to conduct more webinars in this workshop format in the future! Stay tuned for summaries on our fourth and fifth Knowledge-Transfer Webinars, coming later this year.

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