India’s Wind Energy Capacity To Double In Five Years: GWEC


Through the effective implementation of existing policies India’s wind energy capacity could double over the next five years, latest estimates of the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) show.

The recent re-introduction of a crucial tax incentive for wind energy project developers in addition to a generation-based financial incentive will help India push its installed wind energy to almost 50 GW by the end of this decade, Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) has reported. By the end of next year the capacity is expected to reach 25 GW.

At 21.6 GW wind energy contributes about 67% to the total renewable energy capacity in India. During its peak growth period the Indian wind energy industry added 2.5-3 GW capacity every year. As per GWEC estimates the annual capacity addition could increase to 5 GW. The Indian government, however, has intentions to add 10 GW capacity every year over the next five years.

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