Indian offshore wind in sharper focus as FOWIND scrutinises supply chain

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The early outlines of a future Indian offshore wind sector are in sharper focus thanks to a comprehensive study of how the nation’s ports and supply chain infrastructure could support commercial-scale turbine deployment in its seas.

The strengths, weaknesses and future potential of India’s infrastructure are tackled in the latest report from FOWIND – a high-level international consortium led by the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) that hopes to develop a roadmap for offshore wind in the country from 2018.

The Supply Chain, Port Infrastructure and Logistics Study focuses on Gujarat in India's northwest and Tamil Nadu in the south, the two states earmarked by the Indian government as the first that could host offshore projects.

The FOWIND team identifies a range of areas where local Indian companies could enter the offshore wind supply chain – for example in fabrication of support structures – and others where the country is likely to call on international partners with experience in the sector.

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