Wind: The Missing Link to India's Clean Energy Transition

India Wind Energy Market Outlook 2025

Key Highlights

Wind will be a critical link in India's clean energy transition and green recovery, helping to meet the country's surging energy demand while avoiding carbon emissions and creating new jobs and industrial opportunities.

The impact of COVID-19 lockdowns on India's wind energy market was more severe than anticipated, with only 1.1 GW installed out of the 3.3 GW originally forecasted for 2020, but the market is set to bounce back.

India is expected to install nearly 20.2 GW of wind power capacity between 2021-2025, a growth of nearly 50% compared to the 39.2 GW currently installed in the country.

Over the next five years, 90% of new installed wind capacity will come from central tenders, followed by corporate procurements and state markets.

New opportunities like repowering, hybrid projects, offshore wind, and corporate PPA's can help scale-up India's wind power capacity and deliver affordable, clean energy across the country.

Greater coordination between central and state governments around wind targets, supply chain utilisation and the definition of a clear market roadmap are some of the key actions needed to put India on a pathway to meet its decarbonsation and renewable energy goals.

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