How Much Energy Do Australia’s Famous Casinos Use?

With Origin Energy and AGL, two of Australia's largest power suppliers, forced to keep up with the industry's fast-paced changes, the country appears to be shifting to renewable energy faster than any other nation on the planet. The new technologies that the Australian government is embracing appear to be reshaping customer demands. With approximately 1850 casinos and other gambling-related business establishments and a staggering $151 million in gambling foreign tourists alone each year, Australia's gaming industry is unquestionably a major energy consumer that should be highlighted. Making the switch to playing at online casinos instead of visiting land-based establishments is a viable option for many players. What about the actual establishments that will continue to serve interested domestic and international customers?

Let's find out just how much energy the country's casinos use and what the future of Australian energy looks like.

The Way Australian Casinos Consume Electricity

Similar to hotels, land casinos also spend around 60% of their utility bills on the electricity they need to function. Casino resorts that also offer luxury hotel accommodation to players incur even higher costs, with an average of 14-kilowatt hours for every square foot used up by a hotel. Hence, the reason why more and more casinos have begun to test and implement the best energy-saving alternatives possible. Also, the reason why there are so many excellent online alternatives to land casinos for players who wish to limit their carbon footprint as much as possible, while still engaging in their favourite hobby.

Energy and environmentally conscious gambling venues in Australia understand the need to incorporate new energy-saving technologies such as solar or wind energy to drive down their costs. For example, Crown Casino has joined an important renewable energy program by installing a 300kW solar system on the rooftop of its prestigious riverside hotel and casino. The initiative is meant to not only cut the huge electricity bills but also to increase their credentials for clean energy.

MGM Resorts in the US have also managed to save a grand total of 213 million kilowatt-hours with the help of the energy preservation initiatives they have taken part in. Besides the regular power display of lights seen all around casino resorts, the electronic pokie and video poker machines and the rest of the gear that saps energy in land casinos in Australia are significant energy consumers.

wind energyThe Future Of Energy In Australia Is Now

Up until recently, gas and coal were the main sources of power in the Land Down Under, with renewable energy like wind power representing around 30%. However, once the 3.3 gigawatts of fresh solar and wind power capacity started being inserted into the country's main grid during 2020, the nation has witnessed a mind-boggling switch to renewables. According to the Australian Energy Market Operator, the country might be using more than 90 percent of renewable sources around the year 2035, provided the winds of change will keep blowing in the right direction.

The incredible influx of affordable renewable energies has considerably pressured the Australian standard power generators to drive the rates for daytime wholesale electricity so low that important companies using coal are now looking at negative cash projections. The Victoria’s Yallourn coal plant is expected to be completely shut down in 2028, instead of 2024, with many other similar projections on the horizon.

Lots of companies such as Origin AGL have been working hard to start using fresh technologies as well as digital deals that would attract customers while also generating new streams of revenue for their own pockets. While solar and wind panels and demand-management technologies keep growing in popularity, virtual power plants are also currently being tested all across the nation. These virtual power plants are groups of hundreds and sometimes thousands of residential homes that rely on solar power and home batteries intertwined in order to handle the higher demand as well as to keep the energy flowing.

Aussies who are known for their love for sports, gambling, and casino entertainment, in general, will be more tempted to rely on such renewable sources and thus limit their carbon footprint, while enjoying fully immersive online casino experiences from their computers, tablets, smartphones, or smartwatches powered by this type of energy.