How Global Wind Power Capacity is Set to Boom in 2015

The Green Optimistic

The global wind energy industry has been seeing robust growth, increasing capacity by 16.2% in 2014 from 318,644 MW in 2013 to 369,597 MW.

Much of the increase is accounted for by China, Germany, the US, Brazil and India, although there have been a number of new installations in the rest of the world.

Global wind capacity is expected to grow further, albeit at a slower pace.  The GWEC has prepared three different scenarios, the new policies scenario (which is conservative), the moderate scenario and the advanced scenario (the most optimistic).  Under all scenarios, wind is set to comprise a significant part of the energy mix, comprising around 6-9% of global electricity demand by the year 2020 and at least 8% to a high of 19% by the year 2030.

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