GWEC has been producing comprehensive annual reports on the latest status of the wind industry since 2005. From different markets to supply chains and climate misinformation, you’ll find what you need. For easy navigation, we have put together a list of the most recent reports to help everyone on the journey to #netzero.

Global Wind Report  2022 – April 4th 

Global Offshore Wind Report 2022  – February 1st 

Floating Offshore Wind Report 2022 –  March 11th 

Green Recovery Report 2022 –  April 4th 

COP26 Manifesto 2021 – October 18 

All other reports –

This year’s report looks at the next era of growth for the wind industry, as well as providing the most comprehensive set of data on the sector’s performance in 2021. The wind industry enjoyed its second-best year ever amidst pandemic but new installations must still quadruple by the end of the decade to meet a net zero pathway.



The offshore wind industry is poised to become one of the most important custodians of the world’s oceans. It is vital that the industry recognises that the projected growth brings with it increased responsibility. The report investigates the challenges the sector faces to be responsible actors in the Ocean, what companies are already doing with institutions around the world, and the off-sea challenges around a net zero supply line.


This report investigates the emergence of floating offshore wind markets in a number of countries; France, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the UK. All moving to grow floating offshore wind, with policy making underway to drive this growth.  However, behind the first round of countries backing floating offshore wind, which will be the next set of countries we see a floating offshore wind path? This question sits at the heart of this study.


This report reflects a study of wind energy potential in emerging economies around the world over the next five years, from 2022-2026, with the aim to highlight the vast and largely unexploited socioeconomic and environmental opportunities attached to wind energy. 



The Global Wind Industry manifesto calls on governments to “get serious” ahead of COP26 and support public and private initiatives to secure the energy transition. Holding 8 clear and concise ambitions for the year ahead. 



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