GWEC webinars in partnership with renewable energy world


Following the success of our past two webinars, run co-jointly with Renewable Energy World, GWEC will be lining up more webinars in 2015. In November 2014, GWEC organised a Doing Business in Mexico and in January 2015 a similar one for the Turkish wind market. If you missed these webinars, you can still register to view the webinars here.

The next topics to be featured in the one-hour webinars are:

  • Insights into the Global Wind Report – Annual Market Update (April)
  • Doing Business in Brazil (June)
  • Doing Business in South Africa (September)


 Sponsorship Opportunity

The GWEC webinars are an excellent marketing tool for companies wanting targeted visibility in emerging markets and globally – the latter particularly with the AMU webinar. Sponsors not only get optimum brand awareness through the webinar’s communication campaign, companies also acquire the database of registrants, thus gaining valuable leads.

GWEC offers many more sponsorship opportunities and marketing tools including online bannering (500,000 page views per year). Find out more today by emailing [email protected]

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