Speakers at GWEC's event at The Conduit

When was the event

1530 BST, 6 May

Where was the event

The Conduit Club, London

Climate Misinformation, AI and
Bad Actors in the Energy Transition

A report released by Global Witness last month demonstrated how Facebook amplifies climate scepticism by supporting misinformation and moving people away from reliable information. This is not a new phenomenon. It follows a number of similar reports urging governments and Big Tech to seriously consider the role of climate misinformation on social media in derailing the battle to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The severity of the issue was emphasised in the latest IPCC report.

But who are the perpetuators behind climate misinformation and what is the role of AI in fuelling and/or mitigating it?

Join us for a special discussion as we explore solutions to this urgent challenge.

Watch back on YouTube here:


Ben Backwell, CEO, Global Wind Energy Council

Jennie King, Head of Civic Action and Education, Institute of Strategic Dialogue

Mai Rosner, Campaigner at Global Witness

Moderator: Leslie Hook, Environment & Clean Energy Correspondent at the Financial Times