30 November , 2021

GWEC and Informa Markets: Powering Vietnam’s net zero pathway through Vietnam Wind Power 2021

  • Organised by Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) and Informa Markets, Vietnam Wind Power (VWP) is the official wind industry event held in Vietnam since 2018.
  • Following Vietnam’s recent pledge on reaching net zero by 2050 at COP26, Vietnam Wind Power 2021 will be the first post-COP wind conference in Vietnam that will discuss the way forward for a net zero future through wind energy.
  • With the commitment of net zero by 2050, fundamental changes to the Power Development Plan 8 (PDP8) draft have been proposed, the wind industry will be the leading renewable technology to play a significant role in Vietnam’s energy system leading up to 2030. Different panels at the VWP event will guide you through Vietnam’s latest policy development, challenges and opportunities.
  • Vietnam has some of the richest wind resources and coupled with increasing government confidence in renewable energy, it has the potential to be lead the green transition in South East Asia with greater ambition.

1-2 December 2021, Hanoi – Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) and Informa Markets Vietnam are bringing together Vietnam Wind Power 2021 (VWP2021), the official wind industry event in Vietnam since 2018. This year’s hybrid conference is supported by British Embassy, Embassy of Denmark, Embassy of Germany, Germany Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ), Norwegian Embassy in Hanoi and its Commercial Section – Innovation Norway. The event will be held alongside Vietnam Technology & Energy Forum (VTEF) organised by State Agency for Technology Innovation (SAIT). It will be joined by Vietnam’s leading policymakers, wind industry leaders, investors and other key stakeholders locally and internationally.

With world-class wind resource potential and rapidly growing power demand, Vietnam is poised to be South East Asia’s offshore wind leader over the next decade. Under the current renewable energy development pipeline, a total of 84 onshore wind power projects with a total capacity of 3.89 GW has reached COD by the end of 31 October, 2021. The latest PDP8 draft revision in November – which followed after Vietnam’s net zero pledge at COP26 – demonstrated the Vietnamese government’s increasing confidence in wind energy as a drastic increase in 2030 energy targets was being proposed for both onshore wind (+5 GW) and offshore wind (+2 GW).

Building on the tremendous wind developments in the past few months, Vietnam Wind Power 2021 is the perfect platform for key stakeholders to ride on the momentum, discuss the latest updates on wind policies, formulate strategies and actions needed to empower Vietnam’s transition to a greener economy through its net zero pathway in the next decade. The conference will continue to explore key questions such as the role of wind power in global energy transition and in Vietnam’s future energy mix. Both the technical and business session will deep dive into a wide range of topics such as energy system optimisation & integration, hybrid solution, supply chain localisation, certification, M&A, investment, Capital raising and various risk mitigation when developing a wind project.

Liming Qiao, Head of Asia at Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), said: “Vietnam has finally reached its 4 GW wind installation milestone, the wind sector is expected to grow even more aggressively in the next decade with the increasing global emphasis on green transition and coal phase-out. It is important to keep the momentum going and continue to push for more aggressive targets and find solutions to address the bottle-necks that is preventing the wind energy sector from reaching its potential.”

Tee Boon Teong, General Manager at Informa Market Vietnam, said: “Offshore wind opportunities abound in Vietnam and I hope the Vietnamese government will quickly capitalize on the COP26 momentum to accelerate renewable energy adoption, offshore wind in particular. Let’s transition off fossil fuel as quickly as technology and economics permit.”

Kim Højlund Christensen, Danish Ambassador to Vietnam, said: “For an emerging economy like Vietnam securing sufficient energy for economic growth is non-negotiable. At the same time, tackling climate change is also non-negotiable. A transition of the energy system from being based to a large extend on fossil fuels into a system with a more diverse mix with an increasing share of renewable energy will be a solution to this challenge.”

Sebastian Paust, First Counsellor and Head of Development Cooperation, Embassy of Germany in Vietnam, said: “Vietnam Wind Power offers a platform for all key stakeholders in the industry to come together and to look back at the successful year of 2021, but even more importantly, to look forward to further challenges and opportunities in the upcoming years.”

Grete Lochen, Norwegian Ambassador to Vietnam, said: “The conference will hopefully contribute to accelerating the much needed energy transformation in order to ensure sustainable economic growth. A multi-stakeholder approach is key and will give input to policymakers of predictable and more effective policy solutions.”

Gareth Ward, British Ambassador to Vietnam, said: “We are particularly excited by Vietnam’s agreement to the Global Coal to Clean Power Transition Statement, committing to scaling up clean power and ensuring a just transition away from coal. With more public and private finance mobilised at COP26 to support climate action in developing countries, there is real hope for realising the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5C.”

Besides participating in high-level conference discussions, delegates can also engage and connect with each other at the physical conference and virtually through our online platform – Digital Connect – to expand your network and forge meaningful connections with industry experts, potential partners, customers.

Find out more about Vietnam Wind Power 2021: https://vietnam-windpower.com/en/

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