Green Energy Solutions

Green Energy Solutions 

There is a great deal of potential for green energy solutions at present and in the future. Green energy solutions and contributing technologies will be able to reduce the fossil fuel demand across multiple industries. It is projected that by 2030, the amount of energy required around the world for industrial purposes will grow by 20% compared to its current level but with that, the use of reusable and renewable energy technologies can help eat away at these high demands.  Each industry needs to consider the impact they are having on carbon dioxide emissions and overall efficiency. Renewable green energy solutions provide an opportunity for Industries around the world to make a minimal investment up front that gets more affordable every passing day and helps reduce overall carbon footprint significantly.  There are a range of different industrial activities that take a lot of heat and with that heat, a lot of fossil fuels including:

  1.  Mineral processing
  2.  Pulp and Paper Manufacturing
  3.  Metal work
  4.  Food processing
  5.  Agriculture

Of course these aren't the only industries that use a lot of energy, they just happened to you some of the most. There are plenty of places like entertainment facilities, sporting arenas and places like Atlantic City or Las Vegas that use a great deal of energy because of the number of lights that they have not only on the roads but in the buildings, powering the inside of the hotels in the entertainment facilities. Large cities tend to use even more power simply because of the number of people living there in the number of activities that go on all day and all night.

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Thankfully any industry that uses a great deal of energy can turn to Green Energy Solutions as a viable alternative or supplementation to their current energy consumption. Even small changes can make significant differences in energy costs annually. 

Types of Green Energy Solutions

There are many types of green Energy Solutions at present. The most well-known are solar panels. Investing in solar panels especially in very sunny, bright areas is a great way to collect a natural and unending resource and convert it into useful energy. Similarly, larger agricultural areas and Rural regions can convert part of their available space into wind farms to harness wind energy. Wind energy is very similar to that of solar in that it comes from a domestic, sustainable source and is not likely to run out. These sources of energy are particularly useful in hotter areas like deserts that don't have access to a lot of rainfall but do have ample sunlight and ample open space.

Individuals and companies alike can invest in green Energy Solutions on a small form rather than an entire wind farm or an entire set of solar arrays. Wind powered and solar powered gadgets are cropping up everywhere from rechargeable battery devices to clothing items like backpacks and hats that have solar panels on the outside, all the way to wind powered iPhone chargers.

Green Energy for Entertainment Facilities

There are green energy alternatives for the entertainment industry, like the switch in Las Vegas for many casinos becoming environmentally friendly. Casinos are investing significantly in renewable power, a sound investment given that Las Vegas green energy currently accounts for 22% of all the energy used in the epicenter of the gambling world. Nevada has very limited rainfall and significantly high temperatures most of the year making it the perfect place to invest in things like solar energy and wind energy. To that end, casinos are integrating solar and wind measures to turn their entertainment facilities into eco-friendly facilities.These Investments have brought casinos an average of 10% in savings on their annual electricity fees. In addition to using the elements, Las Vegas is investing in things like recycled rainwater in order to flush the toilets in the different Las Vegas hotels. All of these options are investment opportunities that serve as a viable long-term alternative to simply reducing the amount of electricity used or decreasing the number of slot machines available.Online mobile phone casinos are already green in that they don’t consume as much energy because they don’t need to support the same bright lights and displays as standalone casinos. Individuals looking for ways to seek entertainment without contributing to global warming can already turn to online casinos for green friendly entertainment.