Good Forecast Ahead

PES Wind

Overall, the wind industry globally started the year in good shape, with solid
prospects for 2017 and beyond. Although we didn’t reach the 60 GW mark
in 2016, largely because China ‘only’ installed 23 GW instead of last year’s
phenomenal 30 GW, the industry chalked up 12.6% growth in cumulative capacity;
with a 54.6 GW market leading to a total  capacity at the end of the year of 486.7 GW,
which will have by now (March 2017) passed 500 GW in total. In addition to
China, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa and Canada were down a bit on the 2015
market; but these are largely cyclical issues, except in the case of South Africa
and we expect to see them all turn around in 2017.

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