23 February , 2021

The road to the Global Wind Report 2021: Key Dates and Data Releases


Ahead of the release of this year’s Global Wind Report 2021 on 25 March, GWEC Market Intelligence will share the latest data and insights from 2020 on key markets and sectors for the global wind industry. Here’s a roundup of key dates for data releases, webinars, and report launch in the upcoming weeks.

The global wind industry demonstrated incredible resilience in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, with 2020 being another record year for wind power thanks to a gust of growth coming from China. Despite the initial setbacks brought about by the pandemic, the wind sector did not slow down on its growth trajectory and cemented its central role as a reliable and sustainable power source in the global energy system, as well as a key driver of decarbonisation and economic recovery from COVID-19

Over the next month, GWEC Market Intelligence will be sharing regional data, market insights, and key trends for wind power globally in 2020 in the run-up to the launch of the Global Wind Report 2021 on 25 MarchThis report comes at a crucial time, ahead of what will be a critical year to accelerate progress on driving a Green Recovery and achieving net zero emissions globally at COP26.

Data Release and Webinars


Starting from the 25 February, GWEC Market Intelligence will begin releasing its annual regional wind power data, highlighting the wind industry’s growth, as well as the sector’s key challenges and opportunities for each region in 2020. Each data release will be followed by a live webinar, where GWEC experts will unpack key findings and will answer all your most burning questions live!

Learn more about GWEC Market Intelligence’s weekly data releases taking place in February and March 2021, and register to attend our upcoming webinars: 

On 25 February, GWEC will kick-off its annual data releases with the Global Offshore Wind market.

Following a record growth year for the global offshore wind power sector in 2019, the offshore wind industry was perhaps one of the most resilient energy sectors in 2020 as it continued to break new records despite the pandemic. According to BloombergNEF, the global offshore wind sector attracted a whopping $50 billion in investments during 2020, a new record for the industry. Expansion of this booming sector is being led by exponential growth in the Asia-Pacific region and continued strong growth in Europe, with the US becoming an increasingly important offshore wind market from 2025 onwards.

Join us for a webinar on 25 February at 10:00-10:45 CET, to hear GWEC Market Intelligence experts highlight the achievements of the global offshore wind industry in 2020, discuss the hottest markets for offshore wind, and unpack key trends for the sector, such as the rise of floating offshore wind!

On 4 March, GWEC Market Intelligence will release its latest data on wind power markets trends and forecasts in Africa and Middle East, a promising growth region for the industry.

Africa and the Middle East installed nearly 1 GW of wind power in 2019, and GWEC Market Intelligence expects installation levels in the region to reach new highs in 2020, with wind turbines installed in new emerging markets in the region.

Although the region only accounts for 1% of total wind power capacity globally, the potential for wind energy in Africa and the Middle East is formidable. A new study by the IFC and Everoze found that the African continent alone has a technical wind power potential of over 59,000 GW – enough to fulfil the continent’s energy demand 250 times over!

Join us for a webinar on 4 March at 10:00-10:45 CET to hear GWEC Market Intelligence experts discuss wind power’s continued growth in the region in 2020, the markets with the highest potential for wind power, and learn more about challenges and opportunities to tap into wind power’s potential in Africa and the Middle East.

On 11 March, GWEC will release the latest 2020 data on wind power markets in the Americas and the Caribbean, one of the fastest-growing regions for wind power installations globally. 

North, Central, and South America and the Caribbean installed over 13 GW of wind energy capacity in 2019, and the surge for wind in the Americas was stronger than ever in 2020 despite COVID-19 impacts, driven by growth in the US as the world’s second-largest onshore wind market. Emerging markets in Latin America will also play an increasingly important role in driving wind power expansion in the region, and will be a key industry for the countries’ green economic recovery.

Join us for a webinar on 11 March at 16:00-16:45 CET to hear GWEC Market Intelligence experts unpack data on the wind industry’s growth in the region in 2020, key markets driving growth, and major trends for wind power in the Americas and the Caribbean.

On 18 March, GWEC Market Intelligence will release the latest data on wind power markets in Asia Pacific, one of the most exciting growth regions for wind power globally.

The Asia Pacific region installed 30.6 GW of new wind energy capacity in 2019, and initial data has already shown that the region will blow away their previous records for annual wind power installations. China, the world’s largest wind power market, continued to be the leader driving growth in the region and globally in 2020, with initial data from China’s National Energy Agency showing the country grid connected over 71 GW of new capacity in 2020 – more than the entire new wind power capacity installed in 2019!

Other markets such as Taiwan, India, South Korea, Japan, and Vietnam are also play an increasingly important role in driving wind power growth in the Asia Pacific, which will be key to achieve the ambitious net zero targets set by some of the largest economies in the region and meet future energy demand as the region’s emerging economies rapidly develop.

Join us for a webinar on 18 March at 10:00-10:45 CET, to hear GWEC Market Intelligence experts from across Asia discuss the region’s continued wind power expansion in 2020, China’s formidable growth, and which other markets are emerging as wind power leaders in the region.

On 25 March, GWEC will release its 16th flagship Global Wind Report , which will provide a comprehensive overview of the global wind industry through the latest market data, country profiles, trends and analysis from GWEC Market Intelligence. It is the most trusted publication globally for wind energy insights on current market status and the future of the industry.

The theme of this year’s report is ‘Wind energy’s role on the road to net zero’. The report will look at the growing trend of countries and regions to announce net zero targets as the world ramps up its commitments and actions to head of the threat of catastrophic climate change, and as major investors and private sector companies follow suit and declare their own targets around carbon neutrality.

The report will also look at how oil & gas companies are transitioning to renewable energy sources such as offshore wind, how the wind industry is committed to increasing sustainability, the latest technology trends, and much more!

Join the GWEC Market Intelligence team and industry leaders on 25 March at 11:00-12:00 CET for the official launch of the Global Wind Report 2021, and learn more about the key findings from the report, how wind energy can power decarbonisation to achieve net zero targets globally, and the most exciting markets to watch for wind power across the world!

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