Global wind power continues to propel forward in 2017

Engineering News

China is surging ahead in wind power, blowing away the US – the world’s second-largest wind power market – by a long margin, while African countries are making more inroads despite facing challenges, delegates attending the yearly Windaba conference and exhibition, in Cape Town, have heard.

Global Wind Energy Council general secretary Steve Sawyer said this year is expected to end with between 530 GW and 540 GW of wind power installed worldwide.

Turbulence had marked some markets, including South Africa and the US, which had seen a drop-off in wind power as a result of politics.

“China is very much in front, with the US a distant second. India surpassed Spain a couple of years ago, and is likely to keep going despite the Spanish market picking up again. Germany had a very good run, while Brazil is also in the top ten wind energy markets. Turkey continues to be a fast-growing market.”

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