Global Wind Energy Insight: Work Harder, Be Smarter in 2018

Renewable Energy World

2017 has been yet another tumultuous year. Cratering prices for wind and solar. The South African stand-off at the OK corral continues. The Indian market drops through the floor as procurement schemes change. On the bright side, wind and solar are hailed by all and sundry as the inevitable technology leaders going forward. And back in Washington…

…the U.S. House and Senate conferees have come up with a tax ‘reform’ bill which at first sight seems to have fixed most of what was wrong with the House and Senate versions, at least from the RE perspective; although they’ve managed to throw the U.S. market into chaos for a couple of months in the process — NOT the way we would have chosen to close out the year. It appears we have dodged a bullet (or only been slightly grazed); but the lawyers and pundits are now saying that the new base erosion and anti-abuse tax (BEAT) could still be highly problematic for the sector. This story will continue to unfold through the New Year and beyond.


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