Global Wind Energy Insight: Wind Leading the Charge in Transformation of Power System

Renewable Energy World

Today we at GWEC launched our Global Wind Report: Annual Market Update. The wind power industry set new records across the world last year, and wind is leading the charge in the transformation of the global power system, long overdue and very necessary to achieve the objectives agreed by 186 nations in Paris last December.

Up to 150 of those same nations will be meeting in New York this week to formally sign the agreement. Outgoing UNFCCC head Christiana Figueres predicts ratification could happen within the next two years, paving the way for the agreement to come into force in 2018, two years ahead of schedule.

We need the extra time. While there are many positive signals, Mother Nature is sending signals of another sort: weird weather, droughts, floods, record-breaking Arctic sea-ice retreat, and record high winter temperatures. CO2levels are rising at an alarming rate, and we are now in uncharted territory in terms of atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases, at least since Homo sapiens has been around.

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