Global Wind Energy Insight: Together, We Can Make It Happen

Renewable Energy World

At some point in the future, the renewables industry will decide that it needs a single representative body. With more and more companies being engaged in more than one renewable technology this seems inevitable, and I am often called upon to speak on more than just wind in various political fora. While the distinction (and competition) between technologies roars on in the marketplace, officials are increasingly asking when we’re going to have a single representative voice. One place where the industry has been able to come together is in the context of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) — where wind, solar, hydro, geothermal and biomass associations speak with one voice.

The IRENA Coalition for Action was formed a few years ago to create a means for the private sector, NGOs and civil society in general to cooperate with and assist with the implementation of the work of IRENA. While it has gone through a number of iterations, I was pleased to be able to present the outcome of the work of the Business and Investor’s sub-group of the Coalition to IRENA’s 8th General Assembly in Abu Dhabi on the 13th of January. Our ‘white paper’ is available on the IRENA website here.

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