Global Wind Energy Insight: Strong Year Ahead

Renewable Energy World

Overall, the wind industry globally begins 2017 in good shape, with good prospects for 2017 and beyond.

Although we didn’t reach the 60-GW mark in 2016, largely because China ‘only’ installed 23 GW instead of last year’s phenomenal 30 GW, the industry chalked up 12.6 percent growth in cumulative capacity. In addition, China, Brazil, Germany, Mexico, South Africa and Canada were down a bit on the 2015 market; but these are largely cyclical issues (except in the cases of Germany and South Africa), and we expect to see them all turn around in 2017.

India set a new national record with 3,612 MW of new installations, pushing it into fourth place in terms of annual capacity growth, and cementing it’s fourth place position in cumulative terms, behind China, the U.S. and Germany. Germany passed the 50-GW mark in 2016 with installations of 5,443 MW, which was nonetheless down a little bit on 2015’s figure — somewhat inflated by late connections of offshore wind projects that were actually ready to go in 2014.

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