Global wind energy could be as much as 20% by 2030

Energy Source & Distribution

The Global Wind Energy Council released its 2016 outlook and says wind energy could make up as much as 20 per cent of global electricity by 2030.

GWEC secretary general Steve Sawyer said the Paris Agreement was coming into effect, countries need to be serious about what they’ve committed.

“Meeting the Paris targets means a completely decarbonised electricity supply well before 2050,” Mr Sawyer said.

By 2030, wind power could reach 2110 GW and supply up to 20 per cent of global energy, creating 2.4 million jobs and reducing Co2 emissions by more than 3.3 billion tonnes a day.

The report has also found wind, solar and other renewables prices have decreased dramatically in recent years which makes a decarbonised power sector both achievable and economically competitive.

“Wind power is the most competitive option for adding new capacity to the grid in a growing number of markets,” Mr Sawyer said.

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