Global Wind Day in Japan

The Japan Wind Power Association (JWPA) and the Japan Wind Energy Association (JWEA) cerebrate the 8th Wind Day in Japan. About 30 events (including pre & post events) all over Japan in 2016 have been hold. The accumulated number of Wind Day events in Japan since 2008 has exceeded 100 events this year. Here are couple of Global Wind Day events which took place in Japan:

The JWPA organized offshore wind power research mission to Netherland and joined Wind Day event in Rotterdam.



Global Wind Day 2016 in Yokohama on 4 June
39 families/109 people had visited wind turbine and learned wind power.

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Global Wind Day 2016 in Tokyo on 6 June, Wind Turbine Industry Seminar

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JWPA mission members cerebrate Global Wind Day 2016 at Westermeer offshore wind farm in Netherland on 14 June


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