Global Wind Day in Italy

Italian Wind Energy Association ANEV ( has planned several events for the Global Wind Day:

  • Kite lab – on 5 June (coinciding with the Brindisi – Corfù regatta). ANEV together with Rosa dei 20 – Aquilonisti Salentini will organise a kite making workshop for children enabling them to experience the power of wind.
  • Kite show – 8 June (coinciding with the Brindisi – Corfù regatta). Don’t miss the amazing kite show at the at the Waterfront of Brindisi!
  • Strong Like the Wind – 15 June at Explora Children Museum in Rome. A playful experiment of inserting different materials into long tubes and moving them using an air flow will show the youngsters how powerful wind can be. During the experiment children will also learn important details on wind energy production. The event is part of a two-year agreement between ANEV and Explora Children Museum aiming at educating children on environment issues and sustainability. E-mail to register: [email protected].
  • ANEV Workshop on the Benefits of Wind Farm Repowering – 15 June at 3pm, Viale Maresciallo Pilsudski, 92, Rome, Italy. During the workshop, experts of both - the public and private sector - will meet and discuss the benefits of revamping/repowering existing wind farms in order to achieve Italy’s wind power goal of 12 GW by 2020 and 16,8 GW by 2030.
  • Sustainable Music – 15 June at 7:30 pm, Auditorium of the MAXXI Museum of Rome. Niccolò Fabi will perform his ‘song on the wind’ followed by a presentation of geologist Mario Tozzi.


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