1100 CET, April 6 2022


Global Markets Theatre
WindEurope Annual Event
Bilbao, Spain

Remote via Zoom Webinar


About the Global Markets Theatre

The move to renewable energy is gathering momentum across the globe – not just in Europe – and in recent years wind energy has led that charge. RWE, in cooperation with GWEC, is hosting the Global Markets Theatre in Hall 3. You will be able to hear market experts talk about new and emerging markets for wind, and network with potential future markets.

Sessions in the theatre will focus on key global markets, looking at the US and other key countries in the Americas, China and the Asia-Pacific region, a look at the situation in Africa and, of course, a session on the state of the market in Europe. There will also be a look at some central challenges for the industry, as well as a lookahead to COP27.

Asia-Pacific – Is a new market design needed to achieve the fulfil their wind energy potential?

2021 was an interesting year for wind energy in the Asia-Pacific region. The APAC region has been experiencing rapid growth in many markets and interest continues to boom. Nations in the region are starting to exploit their natural wind resources, especially in offshore. But as countries come to terms with this opportunity, we are also seeing familiar patterns emerge in relation to the challenges each market grapples with before the market can truly reach its potential.