From Zero to Five GW: offshore wind outlook for Gujarat and Tamil Nadu (2018-2032)


The report, called “From Zero To Five GW: Offshore Wind Outlook for Gujarat and Tamil Nadu (2018-2032)“, gives a clear picture of the amount of new offshore wind capacity that can be reliably incorporated into the two state grids over the next three 5-year plan periods, starting in 2018.

The study says that Gujarat and Tamil Nadu can integrate some 500 MW of new offshore wind capacity through existing grid infrastructure by March 2022, without any significant costs. The two states can go as far as achieving a total of 5 GW by 2032 if they follow three specific pathways mentioned in the report.

FOWIND stresses that the 5 GW of capacity should not be viewed as the best-case assessment or a proposed target, but an “indicative guidance that helps to focus the attention of policymakers and private industry into proactively developing India’s offshore wind sector”.

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