FOWIND Maps India’s Path from Zero to Five GW

Following the announcement on India’s plans for inviting first offshore wind tenders next year with an aim to reach 5GW, the FOWIND Consortium today (19 December) published a report according to which the timeline of initiatives should be set to first add 500MW by 2022, raising this to 2-2.5GW by 2027, and finally reaching 5GW between 2028 and 2032.

The report – From Zero To Five GW: Offshore Wind Outlook for Gujarat and Tamil Nadu (2018-2032) – presents an outlook for the amount of new offshore wind capacity that can be reliably incorporated into the two state’s grids, including the regional transmission and distributions networks, over the three 5-year plan periods, starting in 2018.

Among other things, the report discusses five action items as milestones on the path to achieving 5GW  of offshore wind in the two states by 2032. These refer to: clear roadmap, consenting and permitting clarity, grid development, financial support mechanisms, and competence and skills development.

“To ensure offshore wind becomes a success also in India it is required that realistic targets are set. I hope our new FOWIND report is helpful in that matter and enables reliable planning but also motivates further build out of infrastructure to allow the integration of even more offshore wind energy,” said Mathias Steck, Executive Vice President & Regional Manager Asia Pacific at DNV GL Energy.

The consortium highlighted that the work done under the report is based on today’s policies, market and technology trends, as well as its experience with the FOWIND project since 2014.

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