Floaters, drones and power-kites soon the offshore wind ‘norm’: Catapult

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The rapid advance of Britain’s offshore wind industry will lead to an “explosion of innovation” in the coming decades, with floating arrays the go-to design by 2030 and multi-rotored turbines and kite-shaped high-altitude concepts taking up prominent places in the European seascape, all serviced by drones and underwater-robots, according to new predictions from UK government-industry body the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult.

Based on R&D work currently underway at Catapult, offshore wind is on track to become the “backbone of the [UK’s] energy mix within 12 years”, providing as much as one-third of electricity demand, the organisation’s research and innovation director, Stephen Wyatt, believes.

“Our projection is based on research taking place in the UK right now – and importantly gaining traction across the world as exciting new approaches to generating clean, abundant energy from offshore wind start to emerge,” he said.

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