The ECOWAS Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Status Report





REN21 in cooperation with the ECOWAS Centre for Renewable energy and Energy Efficiency (ECREEE) has just released a new report: The ECOWAS Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Status Report. The report provides a regional perspective on the renewable energy and energy efficiency market and industry development in West Africa. It enables policymakers, industry, investors and civil society to make informed decisions with regards to the diffusion of renewable energy. The 92-page report covers recent developments, current status, and key trends; by design, it does not provide analysis or forecast. 

The report looks at each major renewable technology in turn.   For wind power generation, its potential  is generally best along the coasts of ECOWAS Member States, particularly in Cabo Verde, which the African Development Bank (AfDB) highlighted as having the best wind potential in West Africa. Mean wind speed at 50m averages above 6 m/s in northern Mali and much of Niger. Potential is also favourable along the coasts of Senegal, the Gambia, Ghana, and Togo.64 Although few Member States have significant experience with wind power to date, interest is growing, with several major projects having come on line recently or in the pipeline.

The report is available in English, French and Portuguese. 

To download the report, go to:

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