‘Doing Business in non-European markets’ during EWEA 2015 conference


As part of a series of 'Doing Business in ...' workshops organised by Global Wind Energy Council - this interactive session will focus on markets outside Europe.  Speakers will share their experiences and insights into wind developments in Brazil, Mexico and India outlining the challenges companies are likely to face when trying do business, and some practical tips as to how to overcome them.

Doing Business in … Brazil

Élbia Silva Gannoum, CEO of ABEEolica, will bring us up to date the with the latest developments in the financing and local content rules under FINAME, share with us the main outcomes from the 2015 auctions, and outline what challenges lay ahead for the wind industry.

Doing Business in …. Mexico

Joan Aymami, Vice President of International Business at AWS TruePower, will share with us his first hand experience of establishing a business in Mexico. Having set up an office in Mexico City only months ago, Joan will outline the main challenges he faced while establishing the business there, and will provide some concrete tips on how best to deal with these challenges.

Doing Business in … India

Shruti Shukla, GWEC’s Director of Policy and Global Projects, will explain the latest developments in the FOWIND Offshore project and what opportunities lie ahead for the industry in India.

Overcoming barriers to international investment in wind energy: the case of local-content requirements

Geraldine Ang will present key findings from the recent OECD report Overcoming Barriers to International Investment in Clean Energy. This report highlights the increasing use of local-content rules in wind energy in emerging economies, as well as OECD countries, mostly since the 2008 financial crisis. It provides new evidence that such rules have hindered international investment in wind energy, in a context of global value chains.

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