Connected global capacity tops 500GW, says WPI

Windpower monhtly

WORLDWIDE: Global grid-connected wind capacity has passed the 500GW milestone, according to Windpower Intelligence (WPI), the research and data division of Windpower Monthly.

The database and analytics unit found the total installed and grid-connected wind capacity reached the goal roughly inline with targets. WPI predicts installed capacity to stand just shy of 519GW by the end of 2017.

Leading trade bodies, led by the Global Wind Energy Council, celebrated reaching 500GW installed capacity worldwide, on Global Wind Day 2017, in June.

WPI counts only the grid-connected capacity, as opposed to installed turbines measured by other outlets.

According to WPI, Asia-Pacific leads the regional totals with 206.6GW, ahead of Europe on 171.9GW, North America on 98.6GW. Latin America has 21.3GW installed and Middle East and Africa has 4.3GW.

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