Climate comeback

Record melt of the Arctic ice pack, severe drought in the US, record melting in Greenland and more - these and other stories have put the climate issue back into the public mind. Climate negotiators finished their inter-sessional in Bangkok earlier this month, the last before the Doha (COP 18) climate talks in November/December. From reports, they seemed to make some progress, at least in defining the scope of debate, and in terms of adjudicating the three major work streams they're engaged in a present - the two left over from Bali, as well as the new one agreed in Durban last year. For a detailed report on the meeting, see

But the climate is changing faster than the positions of the negotiators, and it would seem that the public mood is calling for action on the climate once again; and the negotiations are in desperate need of an injection of political will, leadership and direction from on high. Perhaps it won't come this year, but quite possibly next. Stay tuned.

And there does seem to be some life in the carbon markets after all.  On September 7th the UNFCCC issued its one billionth CER. Since its establishment in late 2004, the CDM has leveraged more than 200 billion in investment in non-Annex 1 countries, a significant part of that for renewables, and the CDM pipeline for wind projects continues to rise, now totaling more than 117 GW - or nearly half the current installed total. More than 80 GW of this is in China, but India, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa and Chile are all over 1 GW, and Uruguay is closing in fast. For more information, see

Steve Sawyer, Excerpt from WindLog, GWEC’s members only bi-monthly news update

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