Changing renewable energy perspectives with the Global Wind Energy Council


WITH ITS MISSION TO ESTABLISH wind power supply in different countries, the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) is working with different international policy makers and companies to open new markets for wind energy. GWEC and its members represent
1500 companies and organizations coming from 80 countries and has worked with local partners to organize exhibitions all over the world.

There’s no doubt that GWEC has played a crucial role in encouraging different organizations in switching to wind power. Now, wind power has attracted investments
worth $100 billion and currently employs over 1 million people.

In this exclusive interview with GWEC, learn more about its mission to promote wind energy across the globe, their latest achievements and the company’s goals and future
plans. Find out the status of wind energy and the challenges it faces as countries shift from non-renewable energy to clean energy such as using wind power.

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