15 June 2023


London, and worldwide

Celebrating the One Terawatt Milestone

The wind industry is going to pass the astonishing one terawatt milestone in 2023. Join GWEC and the whole wind industry in celebrating the work that has got us here, and recognising the strength of an industry that will keep working to deliver the next terawatts, as well as a transformative energy transition that will deliver clean energy, clean jobs and a just transition for the whole world. 

GWEC has launched a campaign in the lead up to Global Wind Day, June 15th to celebrate the journey to this huge success.  More than 45 years ago, engineers in #Denmark began experimenting with designs that are the foundation of today’s global industry. From these designs to passing the one terawatt landmark this year and looking ahead to a second terawatt by the end of the decade… congratulations to all our colleagues who have built this industry.


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