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CanWEA has updated the homepage on its website - The updates to the website are a result of a new initiative to introduce a blogging feature to the website. Through the new blog CanWEA hopes to provide our thoughts and commentary on news, developments and ideas relevant to the wind energy industry and its role as a clean, reliable and cost-competitive source of electricity for Canada. The CanWEA blog will provide perspectives from multiple people across many areas within our organization, including members of our policy and communications teams.

To get started, please visit the English and French blog archives. New blogs are posted on the homepage.  Read more (this plus all the rest on a separate web-page)


Industry News

If it’s about wind energy, we make sure it’s making news. Read up on CanWEA’s news releases. Including:


Ontario Lays Out Plan to Limit Climate Emissions

The province of Ontario will join Quebec and California in a cap-and-trade system to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
“We face two critical challenges with climate change. We must reduce greenhouse gas pollution fast enough to avoid a crisis, and in so doing, seize the opportunities of a low-carbon economy. Today we are taking strong action to help us meet both of those challenges,” says Glen Murray, Ontario’s minister of the environment and climate change.
Under the system, businesses will have their own greenhouse gas quota and will then be able to sell it if they don't need it because of their own efficiency. The government will reinvest the money raised back into projects that reduce greenhouse gas pollution and help businesses remain competitive. 



June 15: Global Wind Day  - CanWEA will be celebrating Global Wind Day with a Golf Tournament to raise funds for Friends of Wind . Last year’s tournament raised over $28,000 for the Friends of Wind program.  

October 5-7: The Annual Canadian Wind Energy Conference & Exhibition is the meeting point for all members of the wind energy industry – top business executives, technical experts, decision and policy makers, and government representatives – to come together and address the key issues facing the industry today. This year’s conference will be attended by over 1,600 delegates representing a wide range of interests, including project developers, manufacturers, federal, provincial and municipal governments, utilities, consultants, communities and students

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