Canada’s wind energy industry reaches another significant milestone




As Global Wind Day celebrations take place around the globe the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) is pleased to announce that Canada’s wind energy industry has taken another significant leap forward. With the commissioning of the K2 Wind Power Project in southwestern Ontario this month, Canada has now become the 7th country in the world to surpass 10,000 MW of installed wind energy capacity.

“Meeting the 10,000 MW milestone confirms that Canada is a global leader in wind energy development,” says Robert Hornung, CanWEA President. “Wind energy’s cost competitiveness, coupled with the fact that it produces no greenhouse gas emissions, means it is well positioned to continue its rapid growth as a mainstream contributor to Canada’s electricity supply.”

CanWEA Blog - The Data Is In: Wind Energy Has Become the Leading Choice for New Electricity Generating Capacity

Some critics of wind energy love to point out that while wind energy is making a significant and rapidly growing contribution to electricity generation in Canada and around the world, its overall contribution is still relatively small compared to conventional sources of electricity generation. What these critics fail to recognize is that the contribution made by conventional sources of electricity generation represent a historical legacy – they do not reflect modern investments in the electricity grid.

In Canada, for example, there has been more new wind energy capacity installed over the last five years (5,690 MW) than any other form of electricity generation – more than natural gas, hydro, nuclear or solar. Indeed, wind energy represents 38 per cent of all new electric generation capacity installed from these sources in Canada in this period – and Canada’s coal-fired generating capacity has actually fallen at the same time.

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Saskatchewan residents strongly support more wind energy

Wind energy is one of the lowest cost sources of new electricity generation, and a new poll finds that Saskatchewan residents support an increased effort to develop more wind energy to help meet Saskatchewan’s future electricity needs.

A recent public opinion poll completed by Oracle Research and commissioned by the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) surveyed Saskatchewan residents’ opinion on wind energy in the province. The poll found wind energy to be the most popular choice of residents when asked their preference for new electricity supply.

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CanWEA launches 4th Power of Wind contest

In celebration of Global Wind Day, CanWEA is inviting post-secondary students to share their vision of wind energy and its importance to Canada. Help us reach youth across Canada by encouraging students you know to submit an entry into the Power of Wind contest and let us know why harnessing wind power and promoting its continued growth is important to Canada’s energy future. Contest rules and entry information is available on the Friends of Wind website.

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