31 August , 2012

Brazilian wind market prospects bright

Rio de Janeiro, 30 August 2012. The Brazilian wind market continues to power ahead, having emerged over the last few years as one of the leading growth markets for the wind industry globally. At the opening of the Brazil Windpower 2012 conference and exhibition, delegates heard from senior government officials and industry leaders about the short and medium term prospects for the market. There are a number of problems associated with this very rapid growth, but steps are being taken to overcome them.

With more than 2000 megawatts installed as of today, there is a total of more than 8,000 MW contracted out to mid-2016, which, combined with the slowdown in the growth of the European market and uncertainty in North America, has led to a large influx of investment from the global industry in Brazil.

“Despite the inevitable early teething problems, we’re very excited about the Brazilian market,” said Steve Sawyer, Secretary General of the Global Wind Energy Council.  “We believe it will be the main driver for long term sustainable growth of the industry in South America.”

“Wind power has come a long way in Brazil from the early days of PROINFA when many were sceptical of this new technology”, said Lauro Fiuza, ABEEólica Vice President. “With the major industrialisation of today’s wind power market, we have proven that the technology is very suitable for Brazil, and that we can provide large quantities of power economically because of our excellent wind resources.”

The auctioning system adopted by the Brazilian government in 2009 has resulted in wind power becoming very cost-competitive with all other forms of generation in the country, although these low prices have put pressure on manufacturers and developers alike.

Furthermore, the rapid growth has meant that there have been delays, both in construction and in infrastructure development. Of the 1800 MW auctioned in 2009, it now appears that only about 1000 MW of this will come on line in 2012, much of this due to the lack of available connections, but also because of construction delays. However, the additional capacity will come on line in 2013. The authorities responsible for the grid system need to adapt to the speed and extent of wind power development in Brazil

One of the keys to the success of the Brazilian wind market is the availability of long term financing from the Brazilian National Development Bank, BNDES. However, recent disputes over its local manufacturing and national content requirements have resulted in difficulties with some international manufacturers who have entered the market. It is important that this issue be resolved quickly, efficiently, and transparently, for the benefit of the market and the industry both in Brazil and internationally.

Brazil Windpower 2012, an annual event jointly organised by ABEE√≥lica, GWEC and Grupo CanalEnergia is the third in the series, and runs from 29 ‚Äì 31 August. Brazil Windpower is the main wind energy forum in Brazil, organized and sponsored by the industry.

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