Brazil Windpower 2018

New date !!! 7-9 August 2018

The ninth edition of Brazil Windpower will take place from 7-9 August 2018.  The event has established itself as the biggest and most important event in the wind sector calendar in the Brazilian and the Latin American region.

The event typically attracts over 2,800 attendees and more than 100 national and international exhibitors during the three days of intense networking. The conference will include prominent speakers from government and industry who have an interest or influence in moving the wind sector debate forward.  Registration will be open in early July.

Registration is now open at

Call for papers is now closed!

The call for papers for submission of papers for the technical sessions has now closed. Topics to be covered in the sessions are:

1. Wind Resources Analysis
a. Analysis and Forecasting of Wind Resource
b. Generation Performance and Complementarity (between sources and / or between regions)

2. Supply Chain and Logistics
a. Supply Chain
b. Operation and Maintenance - O&M
c. Competitiveness of the Brazilian Wind Industry
d. Logistics

3. Integration of wind farms on the grid
a. Integration and management of Wind Farms on the Grid
b. Wind and Transmission Research
c. Harmonics Research
d. ONS Procedures

4. New Technologies and R&D
a. Hybrid Projects
b. New Technologies
c. Research and Development - R&D

5. Wind Project Financing
a. Wind Project Financing
b. Financing Alternatives
c. Risk Mitigation Mechanisms (including guarantees)

6. New regulation, Commercialization, Social and Environmental challenges
a. Regulation of wind farms
b. Commercialization of Wind Energy
c. Social and Environmental challenges

7. Miscellaneous

Brazil Windpower is an annual event, organised by GWEC, ABEEolica and UBM/Canal Energia.

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