Brazil Windpower 2014: operations and maintenance are key focus as installations reach 5GW

Windpower Monthly

The issues now for wind power in Brazil are enviable, said Steve Sawyer, secretary general of the Global Wind Energy Council. With over 140 wind projects due to start this year, the supply chain is under pressure to deliver, there will be pushback from incumbent generation suppliers who see their share being taken away, and with hydro sources in Brazil having diminished recently, the optimal mix of generation sources must be established to fit with the rest of available resources.

There must be cost reduction in the supply chain now said Eduardo Tosta of Industrial Development Agency (ABDI). Its research found a lack of competition and high costs for local steel partly responsible. Improved planning across the sector to avoid bottlenecks would help cut costs, Tosta added. One expected bottleneck in the construction process is the supply of services for installation, such as cranes.

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