Brazil energy official sees regulatory stability under Temer


After Brazil's Senate today confirmed the removal of President Dilma Rousseff for alleged budgetary irregularities, the country's chief energy planner told Recharge he expects the new government to provide regulatory stability for investors in the wind sector.

In a final vote after almost half a year of political turmoil, 61 senators approved the impeachment of Rousseff, with only 20 voting against it, as her supporters took to the streets to protest what they said was an unconstitutional impeachment process.

Quickly sworn in as new president was Michel Temer, her former vice president, who has been interim leader since May. He will serve the remainder of her term in Latin America's largest country until the end of 2018.

"A new government means new ideas, new people, new economic signals and the regulatory stability and credibility for the investors," Luiz Barroso, head of Brazil's energy planning authority, told Recharge immediately after the impeachment vote.

Political and economic troubles have gripped Brazil for the past two years, so the desire for stability reflects the view of many others in the Brazilian wind sector, some of whom expressed a cautious optimism regarding the new administration.

Vestas Brazil chief executive Rogerio Zampronha at a Recharge ro

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