Bigger Turbines, Better Economics, More Digitization on Deck for 2018 Wind Power Market

Renewable Energy World

By almost all estimates, 2018 should mark continued steady rise of onshore wind in mature markets coupled with a strong progression in emerging markets as wind energy cements its position as a mainstream energy technology.

After passing a major milestone in June 2017, of 500 GW of wind capacity installed, the most recent Global Wind Energy Council’s (GWEC) Outlook provides a bright forecast for wind, with its Moderate Scenario pitching global new installations reaching almost 80 GW/year and a total installed capacity of 797 GW by 2020 up from around 60 GW/year in 2017 (see Fig. 1).

With $112.5 billion invested through 2016, the sector, which employs over 1.2 million people, stands out as one of the fastest growing industrial segments in the world, and “a major driver” in the global energy transition, according to Steve Sawyer, secretary general of the GWEC.

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