Benefits of Wind Power

Benefits of Wind Power 

There are many alternative energies with the power to greatly change residential and commercial properties. Wind energy is one such alternative.  

  • Wind energy is a very cost-effective alternative energy particularly when compared to traditional fuel costs.
  • The field of wind energy is creating a multitude of jobs not just for people in research and design, but for the people who work at new wind energy farms and the people who are working to provide new wind energy gadgets or technology.
  • Wind energy serves as a clean energy source which means that the creation of wind energy doesn't add pollution to the air like fossil fuels, natural gas, or coal.
  • Wind energy serves as a local, domestic source of energy so the United States could utilize this renewable power without having to rely on another country and without having to worry that the power source would disappear like Natural Gas.
  • Wind energy is much more sustainable and can be built across the United States in rural areas, helping provide ranchers and farmers with multiple job opportunities and extra income.

Why Companies Benefit From Wind Power

Corporations are starting to make investments in wind energy. In North Carolina, Amazon invested in a wind farm where 104 wind turbines work hard enough to generate energy for 61000 houses every year. Amazon web services uses this renewable power source and then feeds the extra power into the electric grid to help local residents.  But Amazon isn't the only company that is benefiting from wind power. General Motors has completed a wind purchase for a facility in Texas that is 3 million square feet. This particular facility currently builds over 1,000 SUVs everyday and the goal is for General Motors to be able to utilize wind power to supply the energy necessary for the warehouses in the offices that operate in this particular area.

Google is another big name that has bought into wind power. They have signed a deal in Iowa to reach 100% renewable energy for a data center. This data center relies entirely on wind energy. Right now Google is one of the biggest corporate names in clean energy. Procter & Gamble have also generated a new wind farm in Texas where they are generating 370000 megawatt hours of energy every year with the goal of making their location 80% reliant on wind energy in the foreseeable future. Ikea is also investing in Texas, where they have purchased one of the largest wind farms to date.  

Wind energy is quickly becoming one of the biggest sources of renewable energy across the United States. Right now utility-scale wind farms are deployed in 41 of the 50 states with plant operations beginning offshore in 2016. The energy department is leading breakthroughs in research and manufacturing so that the cost of wind turbines and the production time for the blades can be diminished. As government departments and companies are working together to make wind farms more achievable and wind power more attainable, there are still small ways that companies can use power right now without having to invest in giant wind farms. 

Utilizing Wind Power Alternatives Within Your Business

Today businesses can utilize wind power alternatives to fulfill otherwise normal commercial needs. External security systems for example might have CCTV cameras and lights as part of the external commercial security systems. Corporations looking to be more environmentally friendly and utilize the multiple benefits of wind power can invest money in wind-powered alternatives to traditional cameras. Businesses located in particularly windy locations will benefit from knowing that the power will never go out on their cameras and they can install cameras in places where regular cables wouldn't reach.  

If that's not enough, there are small-scale devices that use the wind like small bamboo windmills, wind-powered pencils, wind powered cell phones from Motorola, charging devices that hold battery power from the wind and can be used to charge things like phones. Companies can also invest in wind powered generators which are small office friendly generators that collect wind energy and use them when the power goes out. There is a fan developed specifically for the iPhone that actually uses a small fan and wind energy to charge the iPhone. Companies can invest in portable wind turbines or small blow lights based on wind, as well as wind powered bicycles and wind powered battery chargers. There are hundreds of wind powered designs butter portable and eco-friendly for companies to use. No doubt in the coming years there will be even more options.