25 February 2022
16:00-17:15 GMT+8



About Asia in Focus Webinar Series


GWEC Market Intelligence’s latest market outlook predicts that China will continue to install the lion’s share of offshore in Asia. Taiwan is expected to be the largest offshore market in Asia after China. The market will become more diversified from 2025 onward when more large-scale offshore wind projects are set to be commissioned in Japan, South Korea and Vietnam. New capacity is also likely to be built in emerging markets such as India and the Philippines. New installations in Asia are likely to exceed 10 GW in 2026 and then reach a level of nearly 15 GW by 2030. By 2050, Asia is projected to increase new wind power installations by nine folds, totaling 613 GW of offshore and 2,646 GW of onshore wind power.

Recent project activity has been centered around new early-stage sites being established. More late-stage development projects are expected to secure a route-to-market in Japan and Taiwan for 2022. New projects are announced in Asia’s leading markets. This presents significant growth opportunities for wind power-related companies and associated industries. The main developers are international established players, most of these companies require local partnerships in each country in Asia.

Asia in Focus is a networking and webinar series that discusses the development status and entry strategies of the leading markets in the region. GWEC intends to enable the global wind energy network to access opportunities and develop partnerships with the local players in Asia. Each session will feature a topic, or a specific market, with an invited guest speaker. Participants will break into small groups to meet new contacts, share experiences and explore opportunities with participants from Asia and across the world.

Asia Pacific Offshore Wind Energy Opportunities for 2022


Join us at the first Edition of Asia in Focus, in collaboration with Wood Mackenzie, we will deliver relevant insights, the latest outlook and offshore wind dynamics in China and the rest of Asia. We will provide you with the latest policy updates and an interactive session on the opportunities in offshore wind.


16:00 – 16:05 | Welcome

MC: Aileen Vitug, Business Development and Events Manager, Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC)

16:05 – 16:20 | GWEC Introduction and Asia Policy Activities Update

Speaker: Liming Qiao, Head of Asia, Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC)

16:20 – 16:35 | Asia Pacific Offshore Wind Energy Dynamics

Speaker:  Robert Liew, Principal Analyst, Power & Renewables, Wood Mackenzie

  • APAC overview and share of global wind (energy mix, LCOE)

  • China market (pipeline, market dynamics)

  • Asia Pacific excluding China market (pipeline, market dynamics)

16:35 – 16:50 | Fireside Chat: How to access offshore wind opportunities in Southeast Asia?

(Moderator) Mark Hutchison, Chairman, Southeast Asia Task Force, GWEC

Robert Liew, Principal Analyst, Power & Renewables, Wood Mackenzie

Bui Van Thang, Vietnam Country Manager, GWEC

16:50 – 17:15 | Networking Session

The objective of this group session is for the audience to share experiences on how they overcome challenges in doing business in the Asia Pacific region.


Liming Qiao

Head of Asia, Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC)

Mark Hutchinson

Chairman, Southeast Asia Task Force, Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC)

Robert Liew

Principal Analyst, Power & Renewables, Wood Mackenzie

Bui Van Thang

Vietnam Country Manager, Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC)

Organiser & Co-host




Aileen Vitug

Business Development and Events Manager
[email protected]

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